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These are the bicycle repair shop reviews our customers left after booking a bike-repair with one of our mechanics. We take every flashfix customer review very serious. All reviews and experiences on this page have a link to the original post by the customer, so everyone interested can verify their validity. We also appreciate customer feedback and always look to improve our bike-service. If you have any questions or complaints don't hesitate to contact us via

Eva K.
Punctually, professionally, super nice and friendly 2 baskets were mounted on my bike today.
Julia R.
I was super happy with the service, on time, extremely friendly, super convenient and my bike was fixed and is working smoothly again and the mechanic was very honest and said he could not do the big service so I of course only paid 89€ for the medium service - super pleased. Will only use flashfix moving forward! :) Highly recommend it!
Hella M.
In short: punctual, friendly, competent and inexpensive! This service can be recommended at any time!
Natalia M.
I ordered a bike check and repair before giving my bike to a refugee from Ukraine. Me and the new owner are very happy, thank you!
Anja S.
5 stars, on time, competent and very nice, what can I say, bike is back on track! Thank you!
Guice S.
An incredibly reliable and good mobile bike repair shop that I recommend 100%. My Christiania cargo bike was brought into top condition. Many thanks to the whole flashfix team!
A brilliant idea! The bike repair shop comes home, I did not have to push my bike with a flat tire for kilometers to repair. I got an appointment at short notice, which was kept super punctually. The burst tube was replaced. The service package included checking and adjusting the lights, brakes and gears. The bike was even cleaned! All this was done in a friendly and quick manner for a fixed price of 49 Euros. Thank you and see you next time.
Karen P.
Wonderful idea that the mechanics come to your home! They were very punctual, super nice and competent! 👍🏻 I will definitely recommend this great service!
Christian B.
Impeccable service, uncomplicated to order, fast and highly professional execution! Happily again and again!
Manuela I.
Highy recommended!!! I‘ve booked for my great Stevens Crossbike the biggest package for 149€. I was completely thrilled with the service and performance! My bike had been in the basement for years, the chain was down, the gears no longer worked. The tyres were also flat - not to mention dust and dirt. Reliably and very carefully, everything was repaired and even cleaned up! The bike was completely ready for use again within 45 minutes. Before, I wouldn't even have made it to the workshop with my flat tyres. I got a couple of new inner tubes as a gift, as they weren't needed. Everything that was repaired was explained to me. Questions were answered completely and satisfactorily. Awesome service!!! I will definitely recommend you and even book again if necessary!
Beatriz M.
Everything was great! Very fast and very friendly! There were even 2 tires additionally exchanged ;)
Anne von P.
Everything worked out great. Very pleasant handling and totally practical that you can use the bike immediately afterwards. Thank you very much.
Josef G.
Top service, directly to the front door and problem with the chain was solved in no time. Thank you very much, I will recommend!
Ingrid T.
Was pleasantly surprised. Very friendly and competent staff of flashfix - bike professionals. Have done very good work, in a great time. Now the light goes, inflated tires, the brakes, handlebars readjusted, etc.,. With a clear conscience I give full marks and recommend this service very gladly and say thank you very much 🤩👍
Sebastian Z.
Am positively surprised: Conveniently flashfix also repairs cargo bikes 😀 Most other stores have little space and therefore no desire for a cargo bike.
Cornelia H.
Super service, uncomplicated scheduling, friendly, fast and competent. Absolutely recommendable.
Andrea N.
Highly recommended! The day before booked an appointment, 30 minutes before the appointment I got a sms that he is almost there and whether I need more than a new hose. On time for the appointment, Elia very polite and everything there. I could continue to work while he replaced my flat tire on site. He also oiled the chain and secured my protective plastic frame without us talking about it. Great service, very professional and very friendly! Thank you!
Zachary H.
Very nice service. Friendly, competent and conscious mechanic! He made sure to clarify the service and prices before starting, and he even gave some additional tips! I hope you continue this service and wish you luck on your business!
Edward S.
Has worked well. Were on time, competent and friendly, and all bikes are fit again for the spring.
Straightforward booking of an appointment: got an appointment for repair directly on the next working day. Bike has not only new mantle including tube on the front wheel, the chain is also oiled. Thank you very much!
Tommy H.
Booked on the treadmill in the morning and handed over in the evening. A little more than an hour and my bike is: clean, has a new tube and tire, the brakes have been readjusted. And I think the gear was also checked. But in itself really great.
Olof von L.
My bike store around the corner has offered me an appointment in 2 months with the words " he bike was not bought here and just everyone wants to make his bike fit for the spring", great! So I needed an alternative and found after an online search flashfix, briefly chatted with them on their website, reported my problem with my gear shift, model and the next day there was a very nice mechanic at the door together with her cargo bike, a mobile workshop! After half an hour, my gear shift was repaired. It doesn't get more comfortable, I would book again!

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