Price list of our bike workshop

Here is our price list with details around each bike service. Spare parts for repairs or additional services are charged extra. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write an email to our bike repair shop:

Bike service

Inflate tires (incl. 1 tube + exchange)

12-point safety check

Chain tensioning and greasing

Diagnostic for repairs if necessary

Simple basic cleaning of the bike

Adjust brake cable tension

Center brakes

Adjust shift cable tension

Adjust gear shift limit screws

Adjust headset play

Change cable/sleeve if necessary

Correct installation of brake pads

Test ride the bike

Thorough cleaning of the bike

Degrease and clean the chain and cassette

Adjust the fit of the bike as needed

Adjusting front and rear gears

Centering the wheels as needed

Adjusting play in wheel hubs

Adjusting play in bottom bracket (Only if possible for the particular bike).

* We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and giro cards (formerly EC cards). We do not accept cash.
** For flat tiers on Holland bikes, e-bikes and cargo bikes, the Medium service package always applies due to the extra service effort.

At the end of all services you will receive a document showing which parts of the bike are in good condition and, if not so, which parts may need repair. If the bike is not roadworthy or there are other major problems that need to be fixed immediately, our team member will inform you directly on the spot. If spare parts are necessary for maintenance or repair, a price is always communicated in advance and only after agreement this price plus possible labor costs are added to the service package. This way you can decide if the repair is desired and if so also choose the right spare part to fit your budget.

12-step bike inspection

It is recommended that every bike is inspected by a bike mechanic at least once a year. With us, this is included in all packages and we come to your home or office to do it. Here are the steps we go through for you:

  1. inspection of frame and fork
  2. inspection of seat post and headset
  3. inspection of the bottom bracket
  4. inspection of crank arms and threads
  5. check brakes: levers, pads and arms
  6. check wheels: rim, spokes, tires and hubs.
  7. check gears: shifters and derailleurs
  8. check all cables and housings
  9. check chain length, cassette, chainrings
  10. check pedals
  11. check lights
  12. check all bolts and screws

At the end of the 12-step bike inspection, you will have a good overview of the riding and safety status of your bike, so that you can make an informed decision whether this status suits you or you want to do maintenance or repair.

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