About us and how we came to our business idea

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Do you have a general question for us or a great idea for an improvement? Do you want to join our fantastic team of bike mechanics and ride an electric cargo bike around town, meet wonderful people and fix bikes? Or is something not working? You can always email us at: fix@flashfix.app

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The digital pioneer in bicycle service.

We are a company founded in Berlin that turns the normal process of a bicycle workshop upside down and brings comfort to bicycle service. With us, the bicycle workshop comes to the customer in the form of a cargo bike converted into a workshop: Sustainable and convenient for the customer. So we have all the tools for maintenance and bicycle part replacement always with us. In case of more extensive repairs, we also have the possibility to pick up bikes with a trailer and bring them back to the customer after the repair.

This upside-down process of bicycle repair - from the first contact to the repair and payment - we do completely digitally. This way, we already know before the actual bike or e-bike service what exactly needs to be done and which spare parts we need to bring to you. This eliminates pointless trips back and forth, frustrating transport of broken bikes to workshops and waiting for spare parts even though you need your bike every day, or even being turned away by the bike workshop because you didn't buy the bike locally. Through our websites and apps, we are constantly in contact with you and we keep you informed about the current status of the repair, parts replacement, location of the mechanic and of your bike. At the end of the bike service, this is also digitally displayed in a document so that you know exactly what work has been done. Bicycle service should not be a difficult obstacle in today's world, it should simply be convenient, fast and affordable. Technology helps us simplify these processes and make them more convenient for you.

Sustainable mobility as a driver

Our mission is, among other things, to get people out of their cars and back on their bikes. Instead of simply scrapping old bikes and buying more and more new products or bikes, thus creating more and more metal waste on our planet, we want to repair the stock of old bikes and make them roadworthy again. In this way, we contribute to the existing bicycle fleet of the world and to end bike hibernation in basements by making bikes roadworthy again, without stimulating new consumption. In the same way, we keep bikes permanently in well-maintained condition, which counteracts deterioration and ensures road safety in cycling and road traffic. Let's all bike more and bike safer!