Employees bike-maintenance and bike-repair in your company

Optimal bike maintenance for employees and sustainability for the company. The mobile bike workshop in the vicinity also comes to your company and repairs employee bicycles directly on site. This way, colleagues come back to the office motivated from the home office, stay healthy and the environment is protected by your company.

Overview: What does employee bike maintenance for companies include?

The employee bike maintenance for companies by flashfix offers business customers the opportunity to have employees perform optimal bike maintenance or bike repair directly on site at the company. On a previously agreed date or in a time-regulated rotation, our mobile bike workshop comes for one or more working days e.g. to your business location, your company headquarters or a company site. Our experienced mechanics are available to colleagues during this time for bike repair and bike maintenance.

Mitarbeiter bei der Fahrrad-Wartung im Unternehmen-Laufrad

Advantages for companies of a bike-to-work day

Biking employees reduce sick leave

If your employees' bike fleet is roadworthy, they cycle to work, stay healthy and fit, and are demonstrably better motivated. That makes work fun.

Reduction of your company's carbon footprint

Your company's CO2 footprint decreases when employees increasingly bike to work. This contributes to environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable mobility. In addition, you strengthen your sustainable corporate image.

Get out of the home office

Have your employees adapted to home office and remote work from different locations since Corona? Make the workplace more attractive again and offer your employees an attractive extra deal by providing bike maintenance at the company site. An Employee Bike Action Day for Companies is also an attractive offer to bring employees from the home office back to the company more and strengthen the team spirit.

Road safety

By ensuring that your employees' bike are roadworthy and roadworthy, you contribute to road safety both professionally and privately.

Bike-to-work day shows social responsibility

By supporting bike lanes and greener cities, you as a company show social responsibility and help make our cities greener and more livable again.

Advantages for employees at a company bike day (corporate benefits)

Free bicycle maintenance

Your employees will receive free bicycle maintenance from your firm. As a result, they can cycle to work safely and enjoyably and do not have to join long queues at their local bike repair shop.

Reduction of personal carbon footprint

flashfix helps employees with the hurdle to take the bicycle instead of the car. With a bike well maintained by flashfix it is easier for you to cycle to work every morning and thus make your personal contribution to the environment - every day.

Spare part installation

We always have the most common spare parts. Your employees can have them installed directly on site if needed. This saves time, effort, costs and further appointments at bike repair shops.


Cycling to work has been proven to contribute to improved health and satisfaction among your employees. Happy employees - what more could you ask for?

Booking of bike repair for companies on behalf of the employees

Booking our bike maintenance day is as easy as can be. As a business customer, you can conveniently reserve an appointment online that best fits your business needs and workflow. Our flexible schedules make it possible to optimally integrate the service into your daily business routine.

Treat your employees with a convenient and professional bike maintenance at work. Book your bike service day today at www.flashfix.app and enjoy the many benefits for employees and your company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Procedure of the employee bike maintenance from the company's point of view

On the agreed day, our mechanic will come to your company with our fully equipped mobile bicycle workshop. The location for the bicycle service can be freely chosen according to your wishes and circumstances. Whether in the inner courtyard, on the parking lot, in the underground garage or in the company garden - our mobile bike workshop finds its place everywhere. The work of our mechanic is booked by your company for a full working day and can then be used for bicycle maintenance or bicycle repairs with a variable number of employee bikes. This allows your employees to keep their bicycles in optimal condition without incurring additional costs.

Procedure of the bike service day for companies from the employee's point of view.

As an employee, you will have the opportunity to have your bicycle professionally maintained and repaired by our experienced mechanics on this special day. You will receive a link prior to the scheduled appointment with our mobile bike repair shop where you can reserve your spot for bike maintenance. Payment for the bicycle maintenance service itself will be made by your company. If you need or want individual spare parts, our bike mechanic will offer them before the appointment and the spare parts can then be conveniently paid for by giro or credit card at one of our mobile terminals directly on site. These are then installed directly on site. This will save you time and effort and get your bike back to full use quickly.

Locations for employees Bicycle maintenance for companies

Our mobile bike repair shop can be placed at various locations on your company premises to provide the best possible service to employees. For the following example locations, our mobile bike repair shop will come to your business:

Business location or company headquarters

The mobile workshop can be set up directly on the premises of your headquarters to save your employees the trip to the bike repair shop.

Inner courtyard or terrace

If your company has a courtyard or terrace, it can serve as a location for our mobile bike workshop. This offers employees a convenient way to have their bikes serviced on site and means a manageable area for our mechanic to perform bike repair.

Fahrradwerkstatt-in-der-Nähe und flashfix Fahrradmechanikerin

Parking lot or underground garage

The parking lot is another convenient location for our mobile workshop. Employees can drop off their bikes here and take them back directly after maintenance. For companies with underground garages, this is also a suitable location for employee bicycle repair. The workshop is thus protected and employees can drop off their bikes safely and conveniently.


For companies with an outdoor area or garden, there is an opportunity to hold the employee bike maintenance for companies here as well. The green environment creates a pleasant atmosphere for the employees.


Company premises or storage area

We can also place our mobile bicycle repair shop here and repair the bicycles for the employees during the day. At all locations it would be important for our mechanic to be able to do the work in the dry, such as in the underground garage under a canopy or in a room of the company that is accessible at ground level.

Who pays for what service on a Bicycle Day for Companies?

After a reservation has been made for a date, you as the contact person will receive a quote from us after prior consultation. If this is signed internally in your company by you or a responsible colleague back to us, the bicycle repair day with your employees is firmly scheduled in the calendar and implemented. An employee bike repair day for companies brings added value to the company and the whole team!

These services are paid by the company

Payment for the mechanic's labor on employee bikes is made by the company. You pay for our mechanic's travel and labor for one full working day, regardless of how many bikes are serviced or repaired. This transparent and fair billing allows you to provide your employees with this high-quality service. You can determine the number of employee bicycles serviced up to a limit of 14 bikes per day.

The employee pays

The employee pays nothing for the bike maintenance itself on the bike action day. Your employees can conveniently pay by giro or credit card at our mobile terminals for any desired spare parts and additional services provided on the bike repair day. This gives your employees a high degree of flexibility and they can obtain the required spare parts directly on site and have them installed. A free bike service day for employees will thank you employees for a long time!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions regarding employee bike maintenance for business customers

At what times of day and for how long does employee bike maintenance take place?

The mobile bike workshop starts the bike maintenance day when the employees start work. Usually this is between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning. At this time, employees can drop off their bicycles to the bike mechanic. Servicing of employees' bicycles then occurs throughout the day and afternoon. Between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., the last bikes are then returned to the female employees, so that the mechanic ends the day after about nine hours, including the lunch break.

Which business customers are eligible for employee bike maintenance for businesses?

In general, we have already undertaken corporate bike service days in the following environment: Corporations, Medium-sized Companies, Shops & Stores, Worksites, Municipalities and Parties (Events). Due to our mobile bike workshop, we are very flexible and can set up a workshop in relatively unconventional locations.

How can my company book the bike service day?

The booking is uncomplicated and can be made by you online on our website www.flashfix.app above under the button "For companies" or by phone through us. Together we will find a suitable date that fits into your work schedule. After the day is reserved, you will receive an offer from us after telephone consultation, which results in the firm booking of the reserved day upon reconfirmation. At the same time as our reconfirmation, you will receive a link to a booking platform for your employees, who can use it to register and secure their own "slot" on the day.

How many bikes can be serviced in one day?

Our experienced mechanics can service and repair a large number of bikes in one day. The exact number depends on several factors, such as the type of maintenance and the condition of the bikes. For administrative and organizational reasons, the maximum number of bikes to be serviced in a day is fourteen standard bikes (city bikes, trekking bikes and the like).

What spare parts are available on site?

Our mobile bicycle workshop is equipped with a wide range of common spare parts. If special parts are needed, they can usually be obtained and installed at short notice.

How do employees reserve a personal appointment?

You will receive a registration link for employees after the booking confirmation. Through this, each individual employee can reserve an appointment and provide further details about the bike or problem areas. It is also important to have the employee's cell phone number for the mechanic, which is used exclusively to contact the employee after the work is done and to coordinate the bike delivery.

Can the bike repair day be repeated regularly?

Of course. The employee bike service for companies can be established as a regular offer for your employees. This way, they can keep their bike in perfect condition at all times.

Employee bike repair for companies by flashfix: Use our mobile bicycle workshop for optimal bicycle maintenance and strengthen sustainability in your company at the same time. Your employees will thank you for it and your company can look forward to an improved CO2 balance and a green image. Book your "bike-action day" or "bike-to-work day" today and offer your employees an attractive corporate benefit!

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