Frequently asked questions

How long does a repair take on average?

We usually try to complete all of our repairs in under 1 hour.

Do you repair cargo bikes as well?

Cargo bikes are larger and have more parts, some of which are very specific. Yes, we are happy to repair your cargo bike, but due to the longer time required, we have to price it as part of our premium package.

Do you also service e-bikes?

We service e-bikes the same way we service regular bikes. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the work involved, we do not currently offer repairs on electronic components such as the motor or the batteries. You would have to return these to the manufacturer via your bike dealer.

How do you differ from regular bike repair shops?

Unlike regular garages, we ride an eco-friendly cargo bike directly to our customers' doorsteps to perform repairs. We don't turn away customers because we're booked up. We don't require our customers to wait weeks before we inspect and perhaps accept their bike for repair.

Why is your price different than my local bike store?

Our prices include labor and the cost of getting to your home. We try to keep our prices simple and competitive. In some areas we are cheaper in others more expensive. We have to factor in the cost of travel to our customers, and this is where extra expense can occur that we try to level out in the form of the price packages.

Why do you bother?

We like bikes and believe in sustainable transportation. We think that our cities need to become more people-friendly and greener, and that bicycles are part of the solution. So we just want to make biking easy and convenient. There are many repair options for cars, but broken bikes are nowadays more easily replaced than repaired because that's inconvenient. We want to fix this and make bicycle service and maintenance more convenient for customers. This is our mission.

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