Lucky-bike, make your bike happy

Lucky-bike - There are many of them in Germany

In Germany, each of the 82 million inhabitants owns a bicycle on average. flashfix has made it its business to make the part of the bicycle fleet in Germany that is dusty in the cellar, rusty in the yard or has been standing untouched in front of the front door for a long time fit, roadworthy and roadworthy again.

Lucky-bike - ugly duckling becomes a swan in the bicycle workshop

Each of these bicycles in Germany that we transform from an ugly duckling into a swan is a Lucky-Bike. When such a bicycle is released from our mobile bicycle workshop or from the hands of our mechanics, it is hardly recognizable and shines in new splendor. This is then a Lucky-bike for us, because it leaves bike and rider with a pleasant feeling. And to document this condition, we have put here a series of before and after photos of these ugly duckling bicycles, which after our service just turn into a Lucky-bike.


A lucky-bike-Berlin in front of bicycle workshop


A lucky-bike-Berlin after (flashfix serviced)


A lucky-bike-Berlin in detail before bike repair shop


Lucky-bike-Berlin in detail after (flashfix serviced)

lucky-bike-berlin_chain-repaired in detail

Lucky-bike - So my bike will be happy too

If you want to join the ranks of bike owners whose bike has been in the basement for a long time, is rusty or otherwise in poor condition, then contact us - your mobile bike repair shop. Our goal is to reduce consumption by reactivating Germany's existing fleet of bicycles and getting them back in good shape, roadworthy and roadworthy. For this we need your duckling to transform it into a Lucky-bike. Do not hesitate, go to the website, book an appointment and in no time at all a bicycle mechanic with our mobile bicycle workshop will come to your home, office or park and turn your Lucky-bike into a beautiful swan.

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