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If the city bike breaks down today, then it looks like this: Either it stays in the basement for years, or you think you'll fix it next week and so it rusts away in the backyard. Or you plan to push it to a bike repair near me in the next few days. This turns into weeks and months, and instead of cycling to work in an environmentally friendly way, you get in your car and drive to work, generating huge amounts of CO2, which is not really necessary.

If one then finally overcomes those times and the way to the bicycle workshop around the corner starts, the following happens: One is treated gladly times lecturing that one would not know nothing about mechanics in the bike repair near me. Or you are not even served, because you have not bought the bike in the bike store. Or one gets a date for him some weeks called, because the bicycle mechanics would be busy or the spare parts are not in stock. There one loses fast times the desire because one takes its Bike and sends it again back home, in order to do in some weeks exactly the same again. This economic and personal waste of time is now eliminated with flashfix.

Our vision of the future bike repair near me

View into the container of the mobile bike workshop
Instead of pushing the mountain bike or trekking bike to the workshop, our mobile bike workshop comes to the customer's backyard, house driveway, park or office. This innovative bicycle workshop consists of a cargo bike with electric drive and a box for bicycle spare parts and tools. In the photo you can see how many can come so environmentally friendly directly to the customer's home and have all the spare parts and necessary bicycle mechanic tools with them. Average appointment lasts between half an hour and 60 minutes. So we can even in emergencies on the same day in a few hours to make a bicycle repair at the customer's site.

Our bike repair nearby rides to the broken bike

flashfix bicycle mechanic with mobile bicycle workshop
This picture shows wonderfully how we turn the classic bicycle service on its head. We always have professional bicycle repair equipment with us in the mobile bicycle workshop and can thus carry out almost all repairs directly at the bicycle owner's home. Even the professional bike mounting stand is always with us for bike_maintenance.

In the following cities our bike repair near me is active

Service area Berlin as an example of our active bicycle repair shop
Currently we are active for example in Berlin with our mobile bicycle repair workshop. In preparation are many other cities such as Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Bremen or Dortmund. Also here we go naturally intensively on the customer's requests why we suggestions for cities so we can serve you in the near future with our mobile bike repair near me. Simply send an email to

Advantages of our cargo-bike based bike workshop

The incredible advantage of flashfix is that we turn the whole process of bike repair on its head. And we can only do that through technology! By asking for location, the actual problem description and asking for photos, videos and details about the city bike, flashfix is able to provide the right bike mechanic expertise and be at the right place at the right time even before the actual repair. Only this way we are able to provide the following customer benefits fast, uncomplicated, customer fair and in the end also economically attractive for all parties:

Quick booking

Bicycle repair directly on site

The right bike spare parts right away

Simple price list: Clarity of bicycle repair costs

Friendliness is hiring criterion #1

The bike repair shop near you for your cargo bike, bicycle or e-bike!