Bike inspection, cost and bicyle checklist

Bike inspection at a glance

Many of our customers ask what a bicycle inspection is at all and whether it is really necessary. With a car, we would no longer question whether an inspection should be done at all and how often a year. So why not do a bike inspection every year and be sure that everything is roadworthy and in good shape? With us, the bike is subjected to a comprehensive inspection based on a 12-point checklist. After the bike inspection there is absolute clarity about road safety and correct settings and functionality of all bicycle parts such as bicycle lamp, brake or gear shift. Possible bike services or bike repairs that are pending are known afterwards.

Bicycle inspection ** checklist**.

It is recommended that every bicycle be inspected by a bicycle mechanic at least once a year. With us, the 12 point check is included in all packages on the price list and we come to your home or office to do it. Here are the 12 points we go through and according to what we check:

1. inspection of frame and fork

2. inspection of seat post and headset

3. inspection of the bottom bracket

4. inspection of the crank arms and threads

5. brake inspection: levers, pads and arms

6. wheel inspection: rim, spokes, tires and hubs

7. gear inspection: Gearshift and derailleur

8. check all cables and sheaths

9. check chain length, cassette, chainrings

10. check pedals

11. check lights

12. check all bolts and screws

At the end of the 12 point bike inspection, you will have a good overview of the riding and safety status of your bike and can make a good decision if this status suits you or if you want to do a bike maintenance based on our price list or even a bike repair of certain parts.

Bike inspection costs

What our customers are of course also interested in is the price for it, that is the Bicycle Inspection Cost. We have designed our price list in such a way that the bicycle inspection are transaprently displayed in our pricelist.

Bike inspection Berlin

In our main location in Berlin, we have already done a bike inspection on a lot of bikes. Due to the size of the city, we have several bicycle mechanics here at the same time a large radius at different locations in the city with our mobile bicycle workshops to the customer. Bicycle inspection Berlin - we know how it works! Simply book an appointment on the flashfix page, write an email or give us a call and the mobile bike workshop will come by and analyze your bike thoroughly.

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